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A long time ago I really liked playing old-school videogames.  Super Mario Brothers, Legends of Zelda, Tetris, Duck Hunt, Paperboy, California Games (remember, the one where you could surf)…but admittedly somewhere between the advent of Sonic the Hedgehog, the Gameboy console, and yes, the small matter of the violin, the videogames faded a bit.  But that stated, I’m excited to hear today that the Eddie Japan song, “Albert” (which I had the opportunity to play on with my fellow Desperate Strings) was selected for inclusion on Harmonix’s release of Rock Band 4.   It’s exciting/humbling to see Eddie Japan indoctrinated in with names such as Foo Fighters, Jack White, Heart, Rush, Van Morrison, and Elvis. (He really is everywhere!) I can’t wait to see what it looks like….and maybe get to play a bit 🙂